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Spices, seeds and herbs in bowls - Who we are

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team of expert clinicians and educators passionate about teaching and mentoring health practitioners who want to have successful careers in integrative medicine and natural approaches to health and healing.

We emphasize evidence-based healing arts that provide compassionate and effective approaches for mental and physical health.

We all have practiced integrative medicine in private practice, public health and agency settings, and taught at the university, postgraduate level.

We are committed to working with and serving multicultural peoples, of all socioeconomic status.

Our values

  • Elevating diversity and culture: worship (cult) of the earth (ure)

  • Personalized state-of-the-art education

  • Mentoring the next generation

  • Honoring sacred ancestral knowledge

  • Shouting out innovative ideas

What we do

We deliver clinical education inspired by nature’s wisdom, that advances your professional career while nourishing you personally.

We provide you with dynamically designed courses that help you achieve better client/patient outcomes.

Our programs enhance your practical skills while bringing you joy and ease of learning.

Our mission

Transform and humanize health care by providing dynamic educational opportunities in integrative medicine that leads to personal satisfaction, advanced expertise and career advancement.

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