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A 25.5-hr CE Course Leading to Certification

Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Diabetes, Cognitive Decline, and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Diabetes, Cognitive Decline, and Alzheimer’s Disease
Nuts seeds - almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts

25.5 CE credits are awarded

This program is geared to psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, nurses, nutritionists, massage therapists and others for use in the clinical setting.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Nutrition & Integrative Medicine for Diabetes, Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer’s Disease provides comprehensive training in state-of-the-art methods to prevent and treat the physical, mental and emotional aspects of diabetes, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

The integrative approach addresses established conventional biomedical science and clinical interventions, with evidenced-based research about the use of functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and psychology. This course also provides a comprehensive approach to understanding the effects of caregiving on physical and emotional health and to the cultural aspects of these diseases.

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Hours of Content


Guiding Questions


Final Certificate


Credits CE

In this course you will learn


Define integrative medicine and functional medicine for diabetes, cognitive decline and Alzheimer's prevention management and treatment


Incorporate the spectrum of ethics into clinical practice of integrative medicine

Metabolic Syndrome

Define metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) and diabetes, type 1, type 2, and 3

Psychology & Biology

Identify the bidirectional effects of psychology & biology

Circadian Rhythm

Define the science of circadian rhythm and its assessment as it contributes to diabetes and AD spectrum

Cultural Competency

Identify approaches to cultural competent care

Readiness for Integrative Interventions

Assessing your client/patient for readiness for diverse Integrative Interventions

The Second Brain

Investigate the science of the “second brain” and its function in the prevention and development of diabetes type 2 and AD

Dietary & Culinary Interventions

Present culinary approaches for preventing and treating metabolic syndrome, diabetes and AD

Herbal Medicine

Present evidence based herbal protocols for approaching the treatment of diabetes and AD


Present nutritional approaches for preventing treating metabolic syndrome, diabetes and AD

Drug - Nutrient - Herb Interaction

Review drug/ nutrient/ herb interactions in Diabetes and AD

Role of Exercise

Present research on exercise and self-care methods to reduce insulin resistance, improve cardiac function and reduce pain in diabetes, and the role of hemisphere coordination exercises for cog function and AD

Role of Manual Therapies

Identify the evidence for the role of Manual Therapies, and Electro-therapeutic/stimulation interventions for diabetes and AD


Identify the science of toxins and their role in diabetes and AD

Adherence Strategies

Explore tailoring lifestyle changes for clients that enhance self-care strategies and success

Integrative Protocols

Design integrative protocols to treat diabetes and most common comorbidities, AD and cognitive decline


Define high quality resources for professionals and family members that have been identified throughout the course

This course is designed to help improve cognitive, emotional, physiological, psychobiological and behavioral outcomes by integrating evidence-based research and empirical experience into clinical practice.

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$999 USD $349 USD

Purchase this course and receive a 90 minute bonus course, Nutritional & Integrative Tips During COVID-19.

Your instructor

Dr. Leslie Korn is a renowned expert in Natural and Integrative Medicine specializing in the treatment of trauma, chronic illness and optimal wellness. She has provided over 65,000 hours of clinical care integrating in nutrition, herbal medicine, bodywork, yoga and psychotherapy.

She has directed the Center for Traditional Medicine, a public health natural medicine center, working in rural and urban communities in the USA and Mexico. Her experiences working in a remote, indigenous jungle community for 25 years where there was no physician, as well as for many years in the “urban jungle,” of Boston enabled her to test all of these methods on herself and her patients from diverse communities and adapt these principles to diverse environments.

Course Curriculum


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Integrative Medicine and Nutrition (1:09:09) Free Video

Module 2

  • Ethics and Scope of practice (0:44:07)

Module 3

  • The Biology of Diabetes and Alzheimer's (1:55:14)

Module 4

  • The Psychology of Diabetes and Alzheimer's (0:58:05)

Module 5

  • Circadian Rhythms and Hormones (1:09:37)

Module 6

  • Culture, Illness and Awareness (1:18:25)

Module 7

  • Assessment and Evaluation (1:27:45)

Module 8

  • Digestion and Diet (1:37:19)

Module 9

  • Culinary and Spice Medicine (1:54:02)

Module 10

  • Herbal Medicine and Diabetes (2:28:29)

Module 11

  • Nutritional Supplements (2:10:35)

Module 12

  • Pharmaceuticals and their Interactions with Herbal
  • Supplements (1:25:32)

Module 13

  • Exercise and Movement for Diabetes & AD (1:01:46)
  • Home Exercises (0:43:00)

Module 14

  • Somatic and Energy Therapies (1:02:29)
  • Massage and Bodywork for Diabetes & Alzheimer's (1:08:16)

Module 15

  • Detoxification Strategies (1:07:00)

Module 16

  • Self Care, Self Regulation, Adherence (0:38:49)

Module 17

  • Protocols & Next Steps (0:49:20)

Enroll Now

$999 USD $349 USD

Purchase this course and receive a 90 minute bonus course, Nutritional & Integrative Tips During COVID-19.

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