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10+ Best Self-Care Strategies For You & Your Clients

Nutritional & Integrative Tips During COVID-19

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Integrative approaches for covid-19

Currently we are facing the new coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic of great magnitude. Nutritional and Integrative approaches help us to care for ourselves and others; reduce stress and trauma, enhance the immune system and aid sleep.

In this course Dr. Leslie Korn guides you through 10+ keys to prevention and to enhancing the capacity of the body and mind to respond effectively to stress and virus’.

These practical methods incorporate the use of herbs, dietary and nutritional supplementation, along with specific bodywork methods to enhance sleep.

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Hours of Content


Guiding Questions


Final Certificate

In this course you will learn

Integrative Medicine for Immunity

Identify specific integrative interventions to boost the immune system

Herbal Medicine for Stress

Review herbal medicines that help maintain health and reduce stress

COVID & Cytokines

Understand the cytokine storm of COVID-19

COVID & Inflammation

Discuss the role of inflammation and its relationship to the virus


Develop specific bath protocols for fatigue, headaches and sleep

COVID & Supplements

Identify virus -fighting vitamins

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$19 USD

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Your instructor

Dr. Leslie Korn is a renowned expert in Natural and Integrative Medicine specializing in the treatment of trauma, chronic illness and optimal wellness. She has provided over 65,000 hours of clinical care integrating in nutrition, herbal medicine, bodywork, yoga and psychotherapy.

She has directed the Center for Traditional Medicine, a public health natural medicine center, working in rural and urban communities in the USA and Mexico. Her experiences working in a remote, indigenous jungle community for 25 years where there was no physician, as well as for many years in the “urban jungle,” of Boston enabled her to test all of these methods on herself and her patients from diverse communities and adapt these principles to diverse environments.

Course Curriculum


Introduction: Welcome

  • Welcome (0:48)

Module 1


Module 2: Antioxidants

  • Blue / Purple Foods (1:33)
  • Jamaica (2:06)

Module 3

  • Sleep (9:53)

Module 4

  • Mindfulness and Self Care (6:39)

Module 5

  • Nutrition and Supplementation (9:34)

Module 6

  • Inflammation & Herbal Support (5:39)

Module 7

  • Exercise, Somatics & Resources (9:36)

Summary & Quiz

  • Summary (1:49)
  • Quiz

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$19 USD

FREE when you purchase any other course

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