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Prevent and treat diabetes type 2

Restore Natural Ways of Living to Reverse or Manage Diabetes

Preventing and Treating Diabetes Type 2, Naturally

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Is Diabetes preventable? Can I lower my blood sugar naturally? Is Natural Medicine Affordable? YES!

Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally is a new course that will coach you to restore good dietary habits and self-care practices to enhance your life, lower your medication intake, and strengthen your bonds to family, community and environment.

Go at your own pace in this guided course with relaxation audios, delicious recipes, herbal medicine guidance, and nutritional advice from Natural Medicine expert Dr. Leslie Korn.

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In this course you will learn

Triggers for Diabetes

Pinpoint the different triggers for Diabetes

Introduced Foods

Distinguish between the introduced foods and the healthy substitutions for healthy eating

Food as Medicine

Prepare nourishing and delicious dishes for everyone in the family

Therapies for Diabetes

Name the different therapies available for relief and general improvement

Your instructor

Dr. Leslie Korn is a renowned expert in Natural and Integrative Medicine specializing in the treatment of trauma, chronic illness and optimal wellness. She has provided over 65,000 hours of clinical care integrating in nutrition, herbal medicine, bodywork, yoga and psychotherapy.

She has directed the Center for Traditional Medicine, a public health natural medicine center, working in rural and urban communities in the USA and Mexico. Her experiences working in a remote, indigenous jungle community for 25 years where there was no physician, as well as for many years in the “urban jungle,” of Boston enabled her to test all of these methods on herself and her patients from diverse communities and adapt these principles to diverse environments.

Course Curriculum




Module 1

  • What is Diabetes?

Module 2

  • The Case of the Pacific Northwest

Module 3

  • Understanding Stress

Module 4

  • The Importance of Food

Module 5

  • Nutritional Supplements and Medicinal Plants

Module 6

  • Touch Therapy, Energy Medicine and Detoxification

Module 7

  • Community Action for Health and Food Justice


  • You Can Help!

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