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Mood Follows Food

The Brainbow Blueprint™ for Mental Health

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Dr. Leslie Korn’s Brainbow Blueprint TM

Enjoy this introductory Module designed for anyone to learn about how to improve mood with food.

This course is designed for everyone who wants to improve their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

In this course, I provide you with specific methods to address nutritional myths and help you make good food choices, like why eggs and good quality fats are among the best foods for your mental health. (I also share why you can enjoy chocolate as a mood booster!)

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In this course you will learn

Carnivore or vegetarian?

Consider whether your body is truly carnivore a vegetarian or somewhere in between

Antidepressant foods

Determine what foods can help decrease depression.

Food for mood

Discover how to stabilize your mood with food.

Water needs

Find out how to calculate much water to drink every day.

Meal prep

Learn how to do quick and organized food prep for a healthy diet.

Your instructor

Dr. Leslie Korn is a renowned expert in Natural and Integrative Medicine specializing in the treatment of trauma, chronic illness and optimal wellness. She has provided over 65,000 hours of clinical care integrating in nutrition, herbal medicine, bodywork, yoga and psychotherapy.

She has directed the Center for Traditional Medicine, a public health natural medicine center, working in rural and urban communities in the USA and Mexico. Her experiences working in a remote, indigenous jungle community for 25 years where there was no physician, as well as for many years in the “urban jungle,” of Boston enabled her to test all of these methods on herself and her patients from diverse communities and adapt these principles to diverse environments.

Course Curriculum



  • Course Syllabus & Study Quiz

Module 1. Introduction to the Brainbow Blueprint

  • Introduction to the Brainbow Blueprint Free Video

Module 2. Food is Medicine

  • Food is Medicine
  • Handouts

Module 3. Implementing the Brainbow Blueprint

  • Implenting the Brainbow Blueprint

Course Evaluation & Quiz

  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Quiz
  • Farewell

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