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Krysteena Wilson, Clinical Psychology; Specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy

Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

About Experience

I graduated with a MA in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT). Currently, I own a private counseling practice in Boise, Idaho, though I have a history of working in a variety of healthcare settings, including integrative health. I work with individuals, couples, and families with an intention of reducing distress and conflict by improving relationships and building confidence. By providing support, validation, and thoughtful questioning, I aim to assist individuals in finding their own version of stability and happiness. I particularly enjoy helping those interested in relationship-building, enhancing communication, improving family interactions, uncovering identity/purpose, or desiring assistance with life transitions. I strongly believe that therapy is for anyone who is interested in creating a healthy life. Whether you’re struggling with a major life change, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, or are just looking to find support in handling all of life’s challenges – I can help you uncover your inner strengths and face your concerns with confidence.

What Patients Can Expect

As a marriage & family therapist, I view people in the context of their relationships. In initial sessions with me, we will explore your family history. Often, what we learned from our family of origin can predict how we will act or respond in relationships, whether they are friendships, work relationships, or romantic relationships. I also view each individual as a whole being and we may discuss topics including nutrition, exercise, or other lifestyle factors that contribute to mental health.

Medical Specialties

  • Health Coaching
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Psychotherapist

Medical Conditions

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Depression, Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder
  • Stress-related Conditions

Professional Associations

American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT) Idaho Association of Marriage & Family Counselors (IAMFC) Idaho Counseling Association (ICA)

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